Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Poem to mend a Broken Heart

Poem to Mend a Broken Heart in English. Breaking Relationship, Shattered Love, Encouraging Words, Heal a Break Up, Inspirational Healing Rhyme, Mending Poetry.

It's Time to Awake

Your love, your care
I searched everywhere
Here and there
I found that nowhere.

I kept crying
But you didn't care
How cheap you are
You made me aware.

Promises you made
All proved fake
It's time to awake
Now no one can me break.

I am not a toy
with which you can enjoy
My dreams, Oh boy!
You never can destroy.

I can walk alone
Who cares you're gone
If you think I'm forlorn
then you are a moron.

By Monika Jain 'Panchhi'
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Poem on Freedom of India in English

Poem on Freedom of India in English for Kids. 15th August Independence Day Poetry, Free, Peaceful, Sacred, Prosperous, United, Rhymes, Verses, Lines, Slogans.


Freedom of India is defined by :

Cycle of Corruption
Threats of Violation.

Peaceful India is defined by :

Trap of Terrorism
Riots of Communal-ism.

Unity of India is defined by :

Poison of Regionalism
Termite of Racism.

Prosperity of India is defined by:

Increase of Inflation
Bait of Reservation.

Sacred India is defined by :

Grip of Vulgarism
Rape of Humanism.

Put your hand on your heart and think again :

Are we really living in free, peaceful, sacred and prosperous India?

By Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Religion Quotes in English

Religion Quotes in English. Religious Beliefs, God, Humanity, Humanism, Being Human, Casteism, Caste, Sayings, Slogans, Proverbs, Status, Messages, One Liners.

Religion Quotes

  • I am proud to be 'Brahmin', I am proud to be 'Rajput', I am proud to be 'Punjabi', I am proud to be '...........' . What the hell is this? Dear educated people when you will feel proud to be a 'Good Human Being'? Did you bring any mark by birth on your body that represents a particular caste or religion? 
  • You don't need pomposity to get god, you only need a pure heart. 
  • When you accept serving humanity as your religion, you start to feel god within you, then you don't need to search god in any temple or mosque. 
  • Many people worship god only to get a license to do all bad works. 
  • For some people religion is just a product to sell and to market. 
  • When it comes to religion some people are just mad and blind. 
  • Religious extremists who forcefully impose their religion on others are not religious at all.They are the enemies of mankind.  
  • Killing of innocent animals in the name of religion is an insult to religion.  
  • Religions today are not serving the purpose for which they came into existence. Instead of uniting they are dividing us.  
  • I believe in God. Only I spell it humanity.  
  • My religion is humanity. Teach a man to be a good human being and you have solved the problem of life.  
  • A human should become human first then there will be no need of any religion or caste.  
  • Religion is not about chanting mantras only....accept its broader perspective.  
  • If you want to bring peace in this world then accept humanity as the only religion.  
  • If violence is part of a religion then it’s not a religion at all.  
  • Religion nowadays is developing as a business. For some people it’s just a product to sell and to market.  
  • Only humanity can make this world worth living.  
  • Don't be mad and blind in the name of religion.You can never find God in this way.  
  • People who can't do something worthy to make them feel proud often feel proud to be Brahmin, Rajput, Punjabi, Muslim etc. Dear people when you will feel proud to be a good human being?  
  • None of us bring any mark by birth that represent a particular religion or caste. But we give importance to these things over humanity (the real identity of a human being).  
  • The way different religions claim different things about God, sometimes I think : God created human or human created God. If we assume God as a supreme power then who we are to decide anything about God. 
  • Some people are not concerned with population issue as they think children are gifts of God. I can't understand how people can impose their doings on God.  
  • Do not let trust and faith be superstition.
By Monika Jain 'Panchhi'

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