Monday, December 5, 2016

Poem on Old Age People in English

Poem on Old Age People in English. Respect Senior Citizens Poetry, Elderly Parents Rhymes, Aging Homes, Youth & Elders, Retirement Slogans, Aged Person Verses.

Being Elders

Today rhythms of children, youth and elders are distorted
Youth are indulged in themselves
and old age people seems them outdated.

Nuclear families are far away
from the intimate company of elders
‘Senior citizens are a problem’
this is the thinking of our youngers.

Those who send to their elders to old age homes
Forget one day they will also get old
and their children may do the same to get rid of them.

The old age people can fire the flame
in the light of which our society can success
With the knowledge and experience of senior citizens
our country can also progress.

It’s our duty to give our elders
emotional security and respect
We should bring them in the mainstream of society
and They should not be ignored and insulted.

The old people also have to understand
that change is the law of nature.
They have to accept the changes in the
thinking of new young generation being their elders.

By Monika Jain ‘Panchhi’

Old age people are our guide. They are our true pioneer. Direction they give us can change our destiny and their teachings can fill our life with happiness and peace. Elders are trees of rituals and values. In the shadow of senior citizens we can get the precious treasure of knowledge, experience and rites. So we should never ignore elderly people. Our existence is only because of our elders so we should provide them love, respect and protection. We should bring them in the mainstream of our society so that they never feel isolated and ignored. With their experience and with our new approach, creativity and hard work we can contribute in national development.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Poem on Moon in English

Poem on Full Moon in English. Romantic Moonlight Poetry, Karva Chauth Festival Rhymes, Love Birds Memories Verses, Purnima, Moonless Night, Loneliness Lines.

O Moon!

O Moon!
Will you do a favor for me?
The one who is far away from me
A glimpse of him, will you bring me?

So many years have been passed
Neither I met him, nor i saw him
It’s been a long time since I fought him.

Today I am missing everything associated with him.
Loneliness is killing me deep within.
You are the witness of every night
When by holding hands in hands

We used to walk on dark and deserted paths.
Long ways turned into short
When two love birds started their journey
on a completely unknown path.

He was very calm just like you
So the excuse of fighting always I had to find
and After having a fight I used to cry like a child.

Those wet moments and his loving touch
Even if i wish I can not express
Love can be just felt
To describe it I am completely wordless.

Today I will start crying
If I will remember all the things.
The storm of memories will shatter me
if I will begin to tell about every meeting.

When he will read my sufferings
He will also start crying
and If I will see tears in his eyes
Literally I will start dying.

O moon!
Do a little favor for me -
Either bring my moon or
Do it moonless today for me.
Because seeing you tonight
My pain, I won’t be able to hide
and If my moon won’t come
It will be impossible to survive.
It will be impossible to survive.

By Monika Jain ‘Panchhi’ 

When we are in love and our loved one is not with us then everything around remind us of him/her. The above poem reflect the pain of a girl who is alone on the ‘Karva Chauth’ night. She is praying to moon to bring her lost love in her life again. 

To read the hindi version of this poem about moon and love memories click here

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Poem on Diwali in English

Poem on Diwali Festival of Lights in English for Kids. Happy Deepavali Wishes Rhymes, Deepawali Greetings Poetry Lines, Slogans, Verses, Sms, Messages, Quotes.

The Festival of Lights

We have brighten up our home with so many lamps
All the darkness of this moonless night is turned away in an instant.

To welcome Maa Lakshmi we have made all the arrangements
With sweets, nuts and fruits we have filled our worship plates.

We are burning so many firecrackers
and Emptying the plates of sweets and desserts.

We are wishing our friends with a great delight
and This way we have celebrated the another festival of lights.

But there are thousands of homes where there is no light
There are so many eyes without any dreams of flight.

Merely by lightning our homes the motive of diwali is not achieved
Deepawali is the sign of triumph of good over evil,
By only worshipping Maa Lakshmi our duties are not fulfilled.

Let’s Brighten up this diwali our own inner and conscience
and Remove the darkness of people who are living miserable life.
Let’s make their diwali so bright
and Celebrate in true sense this festival of light.

By Monika Jain ‘Panchhi’

‘Diwali’ the festival of lights is one of the most important festival of Hindus celebrated all over the India. Each and every festival comes with a great message imbibed in it. The festivals should not be celebrated just for the sake of celebration. We should try to celebrate every festival in its true sense. So let’s this Deepawali we bring light in the life of people who are helpless, poor and living their life in darkness, who don’t have enough money to buy even a single lamp and a single piece of sweets. It’s not only our duty, in fact it’s our right too, to make this diwali more joyous and bright. Wish you all a very Happy Diwali.

To read the hindi version of this poem about diwali click here.

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